Anil K Ratnakaram

Anil, founder and CEO of DataCue Technologies, provides strategic direction to the company. He strongly believes that one can learn and achieve anything when driven by ‘character strength’ and ‘strive for perfection’. These beliefs have been instrumental in the journey of DataCue since its inception. He brings with him, rich and varied experience in Corporate Operations, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Profit and Risk Management along with Strong Customer Focus. He has a vision and implements true Globalization in the organization. Prior to DataCue Technologies, he held various positions in the IT sector working for Fortune 100 companies, Retail and Investment banks in India, United Kingdom, Singapore and UAE.
Vice President – Delivery & SAS

Maruthi Siva Prasad VM

Maruthi Siva Prasad is a self-driven solution Architect having over 12 years of experience in developing, implementing and maintaining BI & Data solutions built on Microsoft technology that ensures a modern BI architecture and understands the value of Data Warehouse. He is an expert in the development of reliable BI solutions for the business, contributes and develops BI setups, engages in a productive relationship with strategic BI partners. He captures and matures business and IT requirements. He develops and implements technical BI initiatives that create new business opportunities, he contributes to a new Technical BI Strategy, improvements to the Technical BI Architecture for various stakeholders along with setting up a collaboration framework. His mottos include improving the performance, capacity, and scalability of products.
Vice President – Product Management

Sailesh K

Sailesh Kommajosyula is a Senior Product Manager, Business Analyst and Product Owner with a passion for business analysis and product management. He is a Senior Manager, Leader as well as an Individual Contributor with expertise in Strategy & Planning, Acquisition & Deployment, Operational Management and an excellent Coach. He has outstanding intellectual ability to Process and synthesize information. He enjoys validating and transforming individual’s ideas in to commercial products, he has multiple domain expertise, has worked with globally distributed clients and has 24 years of experience.